Progrese pentru un eventual CFW 4.20

Dupa ce Naehrwert a publicat un  hack care nu functiona cum se astepta, alt dezvoltator, KDSBest aduce contributia lui la acest hack.

KDSBest completeaza codul lui Naehrwert si reuseste sa citeasca informatii din memorie, cu toate ca nu e ceea ce trebuie, iar consola se blocheaza. Nu a reusit sa ruleze acest hack de memorie pe firmware-ul 4.21, dar a rulat pe 4.20, care e destul de aproape de ultimele dashboarduri si un pas major daca va fi dus pana la capat.

Speram ca sa avem mai multi care contribuie in acest mod la scena PS3 si vom avea parte de un CFW 4.20.


I didn't managed to make it work on 4.21 so I just did on 4.20

Since @naehrwert posted an lv2 exploit I will do so too . The stack pointer points to lv2 and if we do a syscall, the syscall saves register to the stack HAHA. Btw. It just crashes the console for now, since I totaly overwrite dump the lv2 or some memory addresses I don't know. Feel free to try around, adjust the address of the stackpointer and so on. If you managed to get the panic payload executed. Tell me!!! ^^



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