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I ask you to please disseminate this letter as a desperate call back to normal.

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President Traian Basescu Mr. Many of my colleagues have been working as long and other colleagues joined later as the service developed due to an increased demand and positive response of the population.

I am a university graduate and I am fluent in a foreign language, but I have colleagues who can speak even more foreign languages.

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I am subject to periodic training and psychological testing, and if I ever fail one, the next day I would not be allowed to answer home work workping letters phone anymore. I am a simple person, with family, with sorrows and personal problems like any ordinary Romanian.

This means, dear citizens and distinguished journalists and politicians, that the nature of my work is to help save your life and property if you are in immediate danger.

And it means home work workping letters, regardless of my personal worries and problems I have to be on high alert while I am at work. I have to cope with despair, pain, tragedy on a daily basis, among the hundreds home work workping letters false calls received daily from those who are joking or are in the mood of arguing or simply getting bored.

home work workping letters

But I am not complaining and I have no reason to do it. I love my job.

My earliest memories are of my brother Mark and me riding our tricycles around our Greenwich Village loft while Mom pounded away on her Olympia typewriter. We thought she was writing letters—she wrote a lot of letters.

I am instructed to use the available equipment at maximum capacity to treat each call as seriously and timely and my decisions are based on clear procedures, used not only in our country, and which are periodically reviewed following the diversity of cases that emerge. Yes, it would have been easier to move to a call-centre of a private company, for instance, but the joy and pride of the lives saved is fully compensating the mental pressure I am subject to during very call.

In fact, during the 10 years of existence ofmy colleagues and I have managed over two hundred million calls.

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And the next. And it is hard to describe the feeling you live when, out of five calls, four of them are a verbal assault, threatening my family or making bad jokes. However, neither I nor my colleagues have had any failure in our work. No single person, to my knowledge, has lost their life because a operator who did not immediately link them, in several seconds, to our colleagues from the ambulance, police, gendarmerie, SMURD or fire.

home work workping letters

This is what we are trained for and this is what we do: sorting through thousands of daily calls and directing them. Nothing else. That is why, during the last three weeks since, because of several unfortunate circumstances, a plane crashed and resulted in the tragic loss of two lives, I have been living the most difficult and bitter period of my professional life. When I know I do my job every day with professionalism, honesty and seriousness, I cannot stay impassive when facing the dirty campaign of insults and lies, driven by several politicians and media against home work workping letters and my colleagues.

I am not interested in politics and I have never been. But I know exactly how important my work for the people of this country is, be they rich or poor, whether they are politicians, journalists, teachers or workers.

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And I know how dangerous it is, not now, but on long run, to incite hatred against us, the call-takers, and to discredit the service that has been working for ten years without errors, because every minute wasted in a fake call, equals one minute stole from a man in a real emergency. In these three weeks of scandal, home work workping letters number of false and abusive calls has not only tripled, but was tenfold and the desperate people calling are responding with increasing reluctance to my triage questions.

With sadness and rebellion, tell me: how can I possibly understand the unconsciousness of journalists and politicians on the one hand, claiming concern for Romanians, and on the other hand they are putting their lives in danger through this behaviour?

This is why I ask all those who now are mud splashing me without knowing me and my work: stop this horrific campaign against us the call-takers!

For ten years we have been doing our job quietly, without complaining, without giving interviews, without showing off. We have done our duty and the crash means for us exactly as much as all other million emergencies we have faced.

home work workping letters

Clearly, time and current survey results prove this. We do not make a hierarchy of people, beloved and esteemed citizen, journalists and politicians. We do not believe that a life is more important or less important than another.

And if, for various reasons beyond me, you cannot stop this, have at least the decency to turn your attacks against the real targets.

Let us do our job!

home work workping letters

Let us save those lives that mean for you just statistics and nothing more! May I remind you, gentlemen journalists, that you have accused repeatedly those dispatchers whom you have filmed, you have discussed with and whose work you know very well. Why then push aside the truth and professional ethics? Why lie?

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I am a simple person, but I will not be the subject of ridicule and insults! There will undoubtedly be voices trying to discredit this appeal to decency and truth, or even to mock at it. On behalf of and upon request of more than operators across the country, Raluca Cojocaru.